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  • Beautiful Georgian property in Ladbroke Grove
  • First floor knock through living room with open fireplaces
  • Basement level living/dining room again with open fireplaces
  • Bedroom with open plan dressing room
  • Painting and decorating allowed
  • Two ‘burnt out’ rooms available on top floor for an extra cost
  • Pretty garden



Resident parking along Chesterton Road and permits CANNOT be supplied. Please park on surrounding streets: Norburn Street, Millwood Street and St Charles Square, all meter parking by phone £1.20 per hour.

Nearest tube is Ladbroke Grove, 5 minute walk.

We wanted to make you aware we have shoot guidelines in place to enable the gentle phase back of shoots in location houses and to enable everyone involved in a shoot to return to a safe working environment. To see these please enquire for a copy.