Photographic Location Agency

Light Locations provide photo shoot locations in the UK

Light Locations is an interior location agency, offering a selective portfolio of inspiring photo shoot locations to the photographic, TV and film industries.

We work with clients — from small businesses to world-renowned brands — to find their perfect location and get some truly incredible lifestyle shots.

Whilst we aren't a London location agency, we manage a collection of properties in London and the surrounding counties.

From London homes and country houses to functional studios and the quirkiest of locations, we work hand-in-hand with our owners to bring out the very best in each property.


Organising photo shoots can be stressful. At Light Locations, we do everything we can to make life easy. That’s why:

We take our online photos seriously — All of the photos on our website are taken by our founder, Sophie. Having spent many years behind the camera, she’s a natural at showing locations in their best light, both spatially and angle wise.

We offer dozens of ‘Paint and Decorate’ locations — We know that when you're shooting interiors, it pays to use a versatile property. Sophie, handpicks all of our locations and ensures the majority can be painted and decorated. Our clients are free to make each room in these properties their own. If they would like to hang wallpaper or paint walls, they can.

We really know our properties — We know all of our locations like the back of our hands. We can talk our clients through each location room-by-room and let them know which properties will work for their vision and which won’t.

We keep our team and portfolio small — We believe in quality over quantity. We’re incredibly efficient and are able to form a personal relationship with all of our owners and clients.

We frequently update our website - We want to make booking a location as simple as possible. We are constantly adding new locations to our site and go to great effort to ensure our clients have the most up-to-date information they need.


If you’re interested in booking any of our properties or would like to be represented by us, please give us a call.


We wanted to make you aware we have shoot guidelines in place to enable the gentle phase back of shoots in location houses and to enable everyone involved in a shoot to return to a safe working environment. To see these please enquire for a copy.