Photographic Location Agency

Light Locations provide photo shoot locations in the UK

Light Locations is a Location Agency which provides beautiful, inspiring lifestyle locations to the film/TV and photographic industry. Situated in the UK we have a portfolio of photo locations throughout the UK and abroad, ranging from houses to seaside locations, and quirky locations such as summerhouses to riads in Marrakech, overseas photo locations. View our Location Agency London page to explore the large number of London locations for your photo shoots, film, TV or editorial needs.

Photo shoot location agency Light Locations are an agency that caters for a wide range of needs and niches. Please continue to browse the site and review the locations we have in our Photo Shoot Locations suitable for many types of photo shoots.

Locations for Photo Shoots

If you are looking for locations for photo shoots do get in touch and we will help to find the perfect situation for your project. We take pride in providing only the finest, most stylish locations in the UK by keeping our photo location portfolio to a managed size. Contact our location agency to discuss your requirements or browse our full portfolio below.