Down at the Bottom of the Garden

Sophie Hitchens Tuesday, 24th January 2017  0 Comments

Down at the bottom of a North West London garden lies more than a worm or two! A very unique and quirky space, which our location clients love, exists within the confines of a summerhouse.

Our Pallet Shed is no ordinary shed or summerhouse however, largely due to its ingenious pallet wood cladding, which provides an envious photo shoot backdrop, which stylists and photographers clamor to utilize.

The location is very special to our team as well as it is situated at an existing location of ours ‘Marmora Road’ who have been with us for years. Marmora Road is a large and extremely pretty Victorian House in East Dulwich owned by an architect and interior stylist, Rose Hammick.

The Pallet Shed had been in the making for a long time so as soon as we knew the owners were building it themselves we eagerly waited for the finished article.

The result is a fabulous and distinctive extension to a popular house, which now offers our clients more scope. It was most definitely a wise choice as lots of clients choose to use both spaces on their shoots.

In amongst the normal garden paraphernalia, down at the bottom of the garden, lies more than a worm or two. ….

The Romance of a French Retreat

Sophie Hitchens Tuesday, 25th October 2016  0 Comments

The seduction of French romanticism leads many an ardent soul to pursue a new or supplementary life via a retreat nestled within the beautiful architecture and scenery that France has to offer. These villas, homes and chateaux’s create dreamy settings that act as a perfect backdrop for idyllic photo shoots and location photography.

Three of our Light Locations are set within the glorious French landscape and with short flights and transfer times, they provide a practical location with an amorous twist.

Nimes House

This rustic house near Nimes radiates a feeling of traditional French living. With its variety of stone based interiors, this Light Location is cool, classy and nostalgic. Several years ago it featured in beautiful contemporary furniture shoot for Homes and Gardens for coastal interiors, but it would be equally at home for a beguiling and romantic set.

Chateau de Lartigolle

Set in 22 acres of dazzling countryside, this classically decorated Chateau includes a swimming pool, vineyard and wood. The epitome of chic French countryside life, it was voted by Harpers and Queen as one of the ‘Top 100 Places to Stay in the World, making it an irresistible choice for shoot crews.

The Manoir 

If your idea of a romantic French backdrop is moody dark interiors adorned with rich timbers set against cool stone walls and Rococo furniture pieces, then the Manoir is your ticket. A truly stunning 14th and 15th century home that includes an additional 18th century Pigeonnie tower, historical French romanticism hits you at every turn. The exterior of this truly unique location also provides ample romantic inspiration for stylists and photographers


The Blank Canvas of a Studio Location

Sophie Hitchens Tuesday, 27th September 2016  0 Comments

Light, space and endless possibilities. This is why our studio locations are extremely popular photo shoot locations. They are truly limitless with the style that can be created, but what else makes them work so well?

Form and Structure

A great example of how studios create shape can be seen at Fawe Street where the black iron open steps, hard wood floors and earthy brick walls create form and structure but do not dictate style.

White and Bright

At 2 of our Hackney studios – Hackney 2 and Hackney 5, the canvas is not only expansive but deliciously white and light creating a sublime background for luminous sofas, bright print feature furniture or eclectic and quirky mixes of furnishing styles and design. The distressed wooden floorboards at Hackney 5 provide a stunning contrast that make the white walls and ceiling take on a more earthy colouring.

Beams, Bricks and Battered Walls

The origin of many of our studio locations means they retain many attributes that can add substance to a shoot. At Hackney 3, Victorian sash windows are complimented by swaths of timber in the vaulted roof. At Tanner Street, three floors of varying styles offer a host of unusual features including exposed brick, wood clad rustic walls, industrial steel pillars and sections papered walls.

Sheer expanse

The ultimate reason why studios make fabulous shoot locations are simply the size of them, which allow multiple set to be built as well as accommodating all the stylist, make-up and shooting teams. At Fawe Street 1000 square foot of living and kitchen space sits within an overall floor span of 3000 square metres meaning that imagination becomes the only limitation. At Hackney 1 its 2200 square feet of loft style studio space incorporate a moveable paneled wall, which makes an expandable expanse of shoot space.