The All Time Favourites!

Sophie Hitchens Monday, 4th April 2016  0 Comments

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you will know that we like to ask each other questions about our gorgeous locations. We like to, for example tease out which location would make our dream house, or which location we are most likely to remember in 20 years time.

Asking ourselves these questions always seem to result in a different set of locations making it to the final cut. For our final foray into location choices in the Light Location office, we forced ourselves to pick one - just one…top spot… all time favourite…..

Cotswold Barn

Nicola, our Office Manager chose the stunning converted barn near Malmesbury with its beautiful bright open plan living areas:

“I love the idea of Cotswold barn, it has so much to offer… pool, barn and amazing house!!”

Homewood House

Amy, our new Office Assistant chose the beautiful and unique Homewood House:

Homewood House was the first location I visited and it made such an impression it remains my favourite! The house is beautifully light and airy and I especially love the use of colour throughout and the dramatic entrance hall with its grand staircase.

Saltourn Road

Whilst no longer a Light Location, Sophie (our chief) chose a property with sentimental value:

“It would have to be my very first location: Saltoun Road. It will always be very special to me as without this house Light Locations may never have existed! The owner was lovely and really appreciated the work and at the time it was very unusual!”

The Shepherds Hut in Sussex and The Railway Carriage in Norfolk

Not content with one all time favourite, Suzi (who looks after our social media) chose two locations, but for the same reason.

“I would have adored to have something like this in my garden as a child and the fact that these things exist and that people have chosen to lovingly restore and maintain them - feels just like a little piece of magic”

Forest House and Botley House

Another of our intrepid team that couldn’t quite whittle it down to one (it really is difficult to pick!) is Madeleine (our Location Coordinator):

“It’s so hard to decide!… probably Forest House or Botley House as these were the first couple of locations I was able to visit when starting with Light Locations. I love their locations with the beautiful grounds and gardens

Well that’s in from our team, how about you? – can you pick just one Light Location as your all time favourite?

Take the test and let us know!

Taking on a new location!

Sophie Hitchens Monday, 25th January 2016  0 Comments

We asked Sophie (founder and owner of Light Locations) to take us through what happens once a new location has been selected to feature as one of our beautiful, inspiring lifestyle locations for the film, TV and photographic industries…..

Getting To Know The Location and its Owner

One of the best parts of my job is doing the photography for the Light Locations website. It gives me the opportunity to see the location in person, meet the owner and know what it is like to shoot there. This is where Light Locations stands out from other agencies as we visit all our locations and meet every owner which means the owners know who they are talking to on the phone and it gives us a great insight in to the property.

The process of taking on a location is time consuming and there is a lot of work involved. After seeing photos that have been sent to us and I have decided that the location will work with us I arrange a date to visit the location and meet the owner.

Taking the Promotion Shots For The Website

On the photography day I leave the house with my camera and tripod, which are my essential bits of kit. I take all my photos in natural light so no lights are needed just a relatively nice day but not too sunny. I always hope for no direct sunlight as it always complicates and slows down the process - harsh yellow light does not look nice!

Depending on the size of the house the photos normally take me around 3 – 5 hours. I shoot every suitable room and shoot all good angles of the room to make sure I show off its full potential. I always try to give my photos a ‘flow’ by shooting the house in a logical order. This means that when clients view the property on the site, they feel they are being walked around it.

I generally shoot the house as it is so that my photos are as true to live as possible but I do like them to also be inspiring. Depending on the house I may not move anything but occasionally I have to move something out of shot if it distracts a view or if the room is not being seen in its best light. I always move TV’S out of every shot as there is nothing worse than having a big black thing in the corner of a room!

Editing The Shots

After the photography is done time is then spent editing the photos to make sure they reflect the property. Once this is done they get sent off to Nicola who is in charge of putting the locations live on the site. Nicola goes through every photo making sure it is of good quality, prepares them for the site and creates a page for the new location. Nicola sorts out all the other information needed like maps, transport details, Ecards, shortlists and a newsletter montage.

Promoting The New Location

Once live on the site the owner is informed and a newsletter is sent out promoting the new location to all our subscribers so that everyone is made aware of our new property. These newsletters always give us an immediate response, so are a great publicity tool.

We also use Instagram, FacebookTwitter and Pinterest to not only promote the new location to potential clients, but also to inspire anyone and everyone interested in stunning interior designs.

Christmas in the Light Locations office!

Sophie Hitchens Tuesday, 22nd December 2015  0 Comments

We all love Christmas at Light Locations. It is always an exciting time allowing us to make our office look festive: hanging the fairy lights, putting up the decorations and playing the Christmas tunes.

The run up to Christmas is always busy in the office getting the Light Locations calendar organised. This year we have had so many beautiful images to choose from due to all the amazing locations we have taken on this year. It’s looking good and now at the printers so will be making their way out to you in the New Year.

Christmas is also a great time to stand back and say ‘thank you’ for the hard work across the year. To reward everyone in the office and to start the festive period relaxed and pampered we are taking a girly trip out to Cowley Manor for a spa day which we all can’t wait for!

It’s also a time to party and this year our Christmas party will be at a lovely local pub called The Bell in Ramsbury . We share our Christmas party with the Design by Timber boys and it’s always a fun night out, especially when we get to open our Secret Santa gifts!

After a busy, hard working year Christmas is our longest break of the year so we all get to enjoy some time with our families and come back feeling refreshed and ready to start an exciting New Year.

We all wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2016! Thank you to everyone we have worked with this year and to all our lovely owners. We very much look forward to working with you all next year. Have a great break!

Please note the office will be closed from 23rd December 2015 until 4th January 2016