Stylish dining inspiration

Sophie Hitchens Monday 19th October 2015   0 Comments

Lounge diner, kitchen diner or formal dining room? Wherever you choose to house your table and chairs the space becomes a people magnet as family and friends flow in and around your home. Dining tables also often get used as homework stations and makeshift offices so the need for comfort and adequate natural lighting become key design factors.

If you are looking for inspiration for your dining space, we’ve picked a selection from our Light Locations to tickle the interior design taste buds, from period beauty at St Francis House or Ross Road to urban simplicity at Lorn Road. Or how about the modern farmhouse style at Albourne House

We particularly love the bright, fun feel of the dining space at Mount Pleasant Road. Its homage to colour set against a white canvas can’t help but lift your mood, and believe us when we say that it’s even more impactful in real life!

One thing you will find in common with our pick from Light Location dining spaces is the clever and beautiful use of artificial overhead lighting. From sneaky spotlights hidden in beams to glorious statement balls of light, we hope you are equally inspired by the wonderful lighting choices our property owners choose for their gorgeous homes.

For more stylish dining inspiration see our full range of country location dining and London location dining or our picks from around the internet on our Pinterest board.