Inspiration for your Living Space

Sophie Hitchens Tuesday 17th November 2015   0 Comments

Living Rooms are popular spaces in which stylists and photographers like to work. The spacious and open nature of many Light Location living rooms provide a strong stage for furniture, wallpaper and textile brochures, magazines and editorial pieces.

We are continually inspired by the living rooms we work with at Light Locations and are often in awe of their splendor and proportions! Whilst we love to dream that one day we will own a home of such grandeur, there are plenty of ways to take inspiration from our locations and translate them into ideas for everyone and anyone.

We have picked some of our favourite Light Location living spaces to inspire small changes that can bring about a total transformation:

The feature fireplace wall at Homewood House shows that bringing a dynamic colour contrast into play can have a dramatic effect.

The calmness of the living space at Albourne House can be achieved with gentle colour matching of walls, window frames and furnishings – all drawn from the same subtle colour palette.

The use of a single small statement orange lampshade at Place Farmhouse adds depth to the living space.

Take a look through our favourites and be inspired. For more ideas see our full range of inspirational living spaces or our pick from around the internet on our Pinterest board.