Panelling ideas for walls

Sophie Hitchens Tuesday 23rd June 2015   0 Comments

A key factor in deciding to take on a new Light Location is the versatility it will provide to our clients. Neutral walls allow stylists to stamp their mark but feature walls provide ready-made backgrounds, so ideally properties contain a mixture of both.

What many of our locations provide is something in between – interesting textures with neutral colours. As the images below show this can be anything from rustic timber clad walls through to shaker style panelling. Tongue and groove panels in particular lend themselves well to subtle shades of neutrality, which act as fabulous photoshoot backdrops. If a property is one of our period locations, historical panelling adds an extra level of interest, which can be seen in the ornate walls below at our Victorian house, Ross Road

Panelling is most definitely in fashion in today’s interior designs – our Pinterest boards are proof of that! So we thought we’d share some of our favourite panelling images to get you thinking about how to incorporate the wonders of wood walls into your interiors or photoshoots.

For more panelling ideas take a look at our locations with beautiful backdrops