Bespoke interiors for Challenging Spaces

Sophie Hitchens Tuesday 07th July 2015 0 Comments

Light Locations are usually chosen for photoshoots because they are light and spacious and provide a blank but stunning backdrop for creative stylists and photographers. But what about those spaces that are small or uninspiring? These types of spaces may never make a suitable photoshoot location, but with the right creative touch, your quirky and challenging space could still become amazing.

We asked Tim Hitchens from Design by Timber for his advice on how they deliver unique bespoke interiors to the most challenging of spaces.
The two most important things before you start any design work is sitting down and thinking through what the space is going to be used for and by whom. Spend as much time as you can thinking about it from every angle”.

This approach can apply to all interior design projects, large or small, but it was particularly relevant to one of Design by Timber’s favourite challenging spaces – The Espresso Room in Bloomsbury

The owner of The Espresso Room found the perfect intimate space to launch his flagship shop selling his unique blends of coffee. Space in the shop was tight, so Tim thought how customers might use the space. What was needed was spill-out space with maximum flexibility so they designed a number of benches that could be arranged in a variety of configurations. Using Larch for the benches made them not only hardwearing for outdoors but also beautiful for the monolithic serving block.

We think the result is a practical and very stylish use of space.

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