Witness the Transformation!

Sophie Hitchens Tuesday 17th February 2015   0 Comments

If you follow us on Facebook and Twitter you will be used to regularly seeing how our Light Locations look like once the stage has been set, the lighting adjusted and the props propped. Some of our Locations go through a major transformation with extensive painting and decorating to make sure the end results match the design brief perfectly. This can make the location look unrecognisable from its original location shots.

We’ve pulled out a few examples so you can witness the transformations for yourself.

1 - The cool and classy dining room at Cotswold Barn becomes a warm and vibrant living area with the change of furniture, wall colour, window dressings and lighting features.
2 - The lighting and furniture features at our Cotwold barn remained in situ for our clients Sanderson but the dramatic window dressings and wall hangings result in shots that change the shape, dimensions and impact of the original room.
3 – The blank canvas at Lorn Road Summerhouse has lent itself to many transformations for a huge variety of clients. A small change of colour has a notable impact in the stage for a feature in YOU magazine
4 – The external cladding at Cotswold Barn looks just at stunning when set for a winter stage by the White Company. The real transformation for this photoshoot came with the addition of its winter wonderland weather and props. Amazing considering it was shot in July!
5 – Subtle changes at Place Farmhouse made an effective stage setting for John Lewis Home catalogue. Lighting the fire put the final touches to result in a photshoot full of cosiness and warmth.