Day in the Light Locations office!

Sophie Hitchens Tuesday 28th April 2015   0 Comments

Welcome to our office at Light Locations! True to form, we work from a lovely light, white room in an old barn in the heart of Wiltshire. There are 3 of us in the Light Locations team: Me (Sophie, in yellow), Madeleine (in red) and Nicola (in white) and of course my lovely fox terrier ‘Humbie’.

I own Light Locations, which I started in 2001. Aside from all the decisions and tasks to complete that all small business owners have, one of my main responsibilities is for all the locations photography on the website. This leaves Madeleine and Nicola in charge of running the office on a day-to-day basis and they are who the clients and owners deal with for all their location enquiries. Madeleine has been with Light Locations for just over a year and Nicola has been with Light Locations for just over 2 years and has a 1-year-old little girl (who is gorgeous) and has just returned from her maternity leave. Both girls are a joy to work with and we all feel very lucky to work with nice people in a lovely work environment.

We also have a fantastic team of freelancers and suppliers that help our business to run smoothly. There is our lovely bookkeeper Robert (in grey) who keeps things in order and works behind the scenes but is a very important part of the office! There are also other important people that are part of our team, Unstuck Design who do all our website stuff and lovely Kate who is a freelancer who deals with ensuring all the location information on our website is up to date. Finishing up the team is Suzi, another freelancer who helps us with all our social media.

On a day-to-day basis the office is busy with a constant stream of emails to answer, phone calls to take and make, plenty of paperwork to do for clients and owners and chasing up on location options. We all need to keep up with everything that is going on in the diary so there is a lot of tapping on keyboards all day! Humbie is always at our feet - except in the mornings when he spends the whole morning sitting at the door waiting for the postman who comes in around midday when Humbie gets lots of treats thrown for him!

Tea plays an important role in the office and has become a time consuming task as we have to include the boys at Design by Timber who have a workshop space next door to us. If we forget them they get very upset! Lunches and ‘bacon butty Thursday’ are also an integral part of the day/week, which again are shared with the boys at Design by Timber. If at all possible we all eat outside on sunny days, but everyday we make time for our Grazia reading fix! We all take part in a bake off every 2 weeks where one of us makes something nice and naughty to eat for our afternoon treat! Madeleine you are next!

I hope this gives you a bit of an insight about us and our working day at Light Locations and you have enjoyed the post. Do feel free to ask us anything about what its like working for Light Locations.